BotArmy Setup


These are the steps to setting up BotArmy


Create a discord account or , if you don't already have one, here
As of now, BotArmy is a discord bot. Later on, we will make it into a website.
Then, scroll down, then click the add server button.
Click the Add server button.
Now, create a server.
Create the server
Ta da! Here's your neat and clean server! Now, head over here, for the bot's invite link. Now navigate to that link, and find the server you want the bot added in, and click on it.
Add bot image
Then, click continue and do the captcha. Now the bot is in your server!
The bot joined!
Now, the bot should send a message with its commands. And there you go! You can now mess around with the bot.
If you want a channel where the bot responds to every message, make a channel with the word 'botarmy' or 'bot-army' and the bot will respond to every message in the channel!
Last modified 9mo ago